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Prior to implementing ProcessPlan, we ran into many walls with other software solutions that forced us to fit our methods into their workflows, often not being able to easily connect outputs to our other software. ProcessPlan has solved these issues by allowing us to quickly and easily implement our workflows with no disruptions to our existing software environment.

Andrew Laurenson
Sunshine State Compensation Lawyers

Any business owner or manager knows the importance of having processes in place. They are essential to delivering consistent, quality outcomes that ensure the company is able to perform at desired levels. Throughout the years we’ve tried numerous ways to encode our processes in a… Read more “Josh Davis – Bellingham IT, Inc.”

Josh Davis
Bellingham IT, Inc.

We streamlined some processes and were able to involve non techie/non mgmt people in describing their processes thanks to the designer so easy to use as it actually is. That the language through which we program processes is simple & visual, in contrast with BPML… Read more “Riccardo Cattaneo”

Riccardo Cattaneo
Bottega52 S.R.L.

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