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What Our Users Say

Anne Schoolcraft - Chief Guru at A Couple of Gurus

ProcessPlan solves the problem of keeping track of long lists of detailed tasks. It takes the reliability of checklists to the next level by providing real-time status and accountability.

Anne Schoolcraft
Chief Guru
A Couple of Gurus

I like the fact that we can create a process for various responsibilities and then have the ability to easily update our processes as we find better ways to accomplish the jobs that need to be done. For instance, ProcessPlan has helped me learn the company’s bill pay process and keeps everyone on task to get the bills paid efficiently and on time. We are still learning ways to use ProcessPlan to get the most effective use of the software.

Kim Olachea
Administrative Manager
JC Jackson Homes
Maryke Mintchev - Production & Operations Manager at More Core Management

The adaptability of it is amazing! Doesn’t matter what part of the organisation you are dealing with, you are able to change and adapt ProcessPlan to what you need.

Maryke Mintchev
Production & Operations Manager
More Core Management

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