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Finally, an intuitive, easy-to-use business process manager.

We’re the inventive company that has revolutionized process structure and implementation in business. With ProcessPlan, your tasks are front and center all the time, anywhere. The first step to better process management is a detailed and well-organized system. Discover how we can help you automate your processes and eliminate mistakes.

Our cloud-based platform helps organizations build streamlined workflows to enhance productivity and profitability– one process at a time. Whether your company has 60,000 employees or 60, there are plans available that fit your needs.

Streamline Your Business with Ease


Our extensive resource library offers process templates for hundreds of different departments and industries. From accounting and payroll, to new hire on-boarding, to opportunity tracking and referral followups, ProcessPlan can automate the tasks your company performs on a routine or recurring basis– saving you valuable time and money.



All the Help You’ll Need


With our template library, anyone can build powerful processes with a few clicks.  We like to think of it as a “playbook” for your organization. Save time by selecting a process and let it auto-generate tasks and workflows. Every aspect of a template can be completely customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Work From Any Device


Whether sitting at your desk or on the go, ProcessPlan works from anywhere. We have worked tirelessly to provide a Cloud-based interface that works seamlessly on any OS and any device. You can even respond to tasks and assignments via email. 

Guided Processes



With detailed instructions and clear action steps for each task, ProcessPlan enables teams to hit deadlines and move projects across the finish line. Team members know exactly what is expected of them and when.

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ProcessPlan works with almost any application. Here are just a few of the services customers use: