We had a lot of problems missing small, but critical tasks. ProcessPlan has helped us develop cross-departmental processes that save our organization.

Jacob Alt
Technical Guru
A Couple of Gurus

Now that we have ProcessPlan, I can work with my teams to set up exactly how a process should be done. When that process is started, I then know it will be done efficiently and without steps being missed/forgotten. Not only does it send the tasks to appropriate team members, but so many items can be automated to save everyone time in multiple aspects.

Kia Adams-Mikesh
Vice President
North Dakota Grain Inspection

Any business owner or manager knows the importance of having processes in place. They are essential to delivering consistent, quality outcomes that ensure the company is able to perform at desired levels. Throughout the years we’ve tried numerous ways to encode our processes in a… Read more “Josh Davis – Bellingham IT, Inc.”

Josh Davis
Bellingham IT, Inc.

Our setups have become more time efficient and our accuracy out the door has improved.

David Brennhofer
Service Coordinator
TechGen Consulting, Inc.

The adaptability of it is amazing! Doesn’t matter what part of the organisation you are dealing with, you are able to change and adapt ProcessPlan to what you need.

Maryke Mintchev
Production & Operations Manager
More Core Management

I like the fact that we can create a process for various responsibilities and then have the ability to easily update our processes as we find better ways to accomplish the jobs that need to be done. For instance, ProcessPlan has helped me learn the company’s bill pay process and keeps everyone on task to get the bills paid efficiently and on time. We are still learning ways to use ProcessPlan to get the most effective use of the software.

Kim Olachea
Administrative Manager
JC Jackson Homes

The greatest value I’ve found in ProcessPlan is that it covers three needs within one app: we can design, implement and document our processes all at once. We’ve used it to optimize employee onboarding, standardize client onboarding, and even to make sure we never miss a work anniversary. In a company of over 300, tracking dependencies and making them explicit helps us detect blockers we otherwise would have missed.

Sylwia Hamerska
Executive Assistant
STX Next

Perhaps the best thing about ProcessPlan is the ease in making changes to processes in the design and testing stage, and then the flexibility of being able to individualise individual instances. Another excellent feature is the absolute transparency of the workflows – it is so easy to identify roadblocks. We find that our processes now finish much more quickly because of this transparency.

Joy Rollason
Company Secretary
AMC Consultants

ProcessPlan made us really sit down and discuss the way business gets done through our organization. This helped to provide a better understanding to all of the individuals involved on how information is gathered and how decisions flow throughout our department. I think we are… Read more “Matt Elliot – RealPage, Inc.”

Matt Elliot
RealPage, Inc.

I am just not sure how we survived for 12 years without ProcessPlan! We work with multiple vendors and each have their own processes within ProcessPlan that my employees can easily and with accuracy complete. These programs have helped to train new hires with ease. For me, my favorite part is the “at a glance” report page—I know what each of my employees are doing and what step they are on with each order.

Heather Wilkinson
Director of Gifting Operations-Head Elf
Ruhlin Group

ProcessPlan solves the problem of keeping track of long lists of detailed tasks. It takes the reliability of checklists to the next level by providing real-time status and accountability.

Anne Schoolcraft
Chief Guru
A Couple of Gurus

Prior to implementing ProcessPlan, we ran into many walls with other software solutions that forced us to fit our methods into their workflows, often not being able to easily connect outputs to our other software. ProcessPlan has solved these issues by allowing us to quickly and easily implement our workflows with no disruptions to our existing software environment.

Andrew Laurenson
Sunshine State Compensation Lawyers

ProcessPlan had truly improved the way we do business. With processes that include multiple teams it is easier to ensure everyone gets the information required for them to do their job as soon as they receive their task. No more back and forth emails that take up valuable time.

Nichole Franklin
Executive Assistant

By implementing ProcessPlan we now have a much more streamlined way to capture the needed information in real time from our clients which we can then use throughout our internal processes which typically touch at least three internal resources. It has cut down the average time to close any given entities books by more than 10 days on average.

Lance Pederson
Marko Technologies Inc.

We streamlined some processes and were able to involve non techie/non mgmt people in describing their processes thanks to the designer so easy to use as it actually is. That the language through which we program processes is simple & visual, in contrast with BPML… Read more “Riccardo Cattaneo”

Riccardo Cattaneo
Bottega52 S.R.L.

The ease of use means that even those without a business process or analyst background can pretty much build anything you want. I recommend that anybody who’s looking to automate or delegate through your business, definitely check out ProcessPlan and give it a go.

James Angus