Staying Connected with ProcessPlan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your team may suddenly be forced to work from home. As a manager, the thought of a suddenly remote team can be frightening. How will everyone stay organized? What will internet speeds be like at home? How will I deal with my new coworkers AKA the spouse, the kid(s), and the pet?? WIth so much going on, the team at ProcessPlan hopes you can find comfort in ProcessPlan’s ability to keep you connected and organized no matter where you are.


ProcessPlan was built to keep your processes on track and make sure each task gets assigned to the correct user each time the process is executed. In the office, it’s easy to make sure processes are running smoothly, ProcessPlan takes care of that for you! Using built in functionality, task assignment emails are sent out to team members any time they have a task to complete. You can hold team members accountable without having to put in any additional effort. Using ProcessPlan reports, you can keep track of your entire operation on one screen. On the In-Progress Process report, you can see how close each process is to completion and which team member needs to complete a task in each process.

Communication is a big point of emphasis for remote teams. ProcessPlan has features that help ensure your team can communicate effectively. In ProcessPlan, all of the information and documents pertaining to your process are kept within the app so that all team members can stay on the same page. Using ProcessPlan’s in-app messaging, your team can discuss processes and resolve issues on the spot. 

Working from home can be a big change for your team, but ProcessPlan can ease that transition. Your Processes will run themselves, all of your information and communication stays in one centralized location, and you can keep track of all running processes on one screen. If you think ProcessPlan can help your team, we’d love to connect with you. Schedule a demo at any time.