Conduct Meetings in ProcessPlan

Daily check-in meetings are crucial when trying to keep your team on the same page. These meetings can be run in an asynchronous, “answer when you can” format. Participants can keep the team informed while working at their own pace.Using a simple process template, you can conduct & manage your asynchronous meetings in ProcessPlan


Turning your meetings into a ProcessPlan process has a few key advantages. Information captured throughout processes in ProcessPlan is kept within the tool, so your team will have a record of each meeting. Using the Process Table functionality, users will be able to review the information captured in each meeting. This eliminates the need to keep meeting notes! information gathered in the meeting could also be automatically emailed to each participant. ProcessPlan has an internal messaging system so participants have the ability to hold discussions and solve problems without ever leaving ProcessPlan.

The process only consists of two tasks! The first task “Answer meeting prompt in the task notes” will use the “Every Person in this group” task assignment option. This will assign an individual task to every user in the group. Each group member will answer the meeting prompt in the task notes of the assigned task and click “Complete”. The next task, “Review meeting notes” will be assigned to the Group’s Supervisor. The Supervisor will be able to see all task notes left by group members. For Process Fields, we will use a text field to hold the Current Date. The field will be marked “Read only” and we can use the “Current Date” field token to automatically populate the Current Date field every time the process is launched. A five line text field will be used to hold the meeting prompt. The field will be marked “Read only” so that Participants are not able to alter the prompt.


Using this two-task process you can save time and still conduct effective meetings. Meeting notes will be captured automatically and your team will have a record of each meeting. You no longer have to worry about fitting a meeting into everyone’s schedule. Find this template (and many others) in our Process Library. You can import it into your account and try it out!